Stress is the number one challenge facing mankind today.  The War On Stress (WOS) is committed to assisting veterans, first responders, active military, middle and high school students, educators, and all people with real world solutions for real world stress.  The techniques to recognize and to reduce and resolve stress in any situation are key to a healthy and balanced life.  When we are under stress we have a marked reduction in our ability to perform at our highest potential.  Stress lowers the effectiveness of our immune system and retards the digestive system, and it causes the blood pressure and pulse to increase.  Stress causes blood to be directed away from the higher cognitive and spiritual center of the brain and it stimulates the secretion of adrenaline and cortisol, which is known to destroy brain cells.  In fact, our physiological response to stress literally makes us “stupid” and causes us to lose the sense of connection with others.

Suicide is THE high stress event.  Suicide awareness and intervention skills training are an important focus for stress relief education with our target groups.  One of our primary goals is to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness which includes suicide.

LivingWorks – safeTALK

QPR GateKeeper Training

Mental Health First Aid

HeartMath Institute

Critical Incident Stress Management

Yellow Ribbon

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

are the primary programs we utilize to bring the appropriate skills and education to the communities we reach and those who supervise our target groups.

If you are interested in bringing suicide prevention training to your community please contact us for a complete strategy to co-ordinate a comprehensive suicide prevention and awareness program for your target audience. Go to the workshop button from the main menu to view our recent scheduled events.

Evidence based scientific studies provide data that support the effectiveness of stress reduction techniques in every day life and in managing depression which when untreated is a key factor in suicidal thinking or ideation. WOS uses the processes and techniques which the HeartMath Institute has evolved over the last 20 years for stress management skills training.  All of the programs we present are based on the best practices for the subject matter.