War On Stress (WOS) is committed to bringing stress relief and suicide awareness and prevention training to all mankind.  We believe that stress is the single most important challenge facing the health of everyone everywhere in the world.  We focus on stress and stress-relief training and  its relationship with relieving depression and how ignoring depression manifests suicidal ideation or thinking.  We bring training to the community to teach awareness of the warning signs of suicide and how to respond to and interact with those in danger of committing self harm.

Our goal is to bring this education to those most at risk for high stress such as veterans, active military, middle and high school students, educators, first responders, convicts, the handicapped, and aboriginal populations found in isolated regions though out the world.

Bringing stress relief management and suicide awareness and intervention skills to these groups are our primary fundraising targets.  We bring teams of stress relief practitioners and suicide awareness trainers to the target audiences wherever they may be.

Please contact our Program Manager,  John Staples, to be part of the movement to bring stress relief and suicide awareness and interventions skills training to the under-served throughout the world.