War On Stress (WOS) presents stress management training (HeartMath), suicide prevention and awareness workshops (safeTALK, QPR Institute Gatekeeper Training), and Mental Health First Aid Classes for veterans, first responders, active military, corporations, nonprofits, community and social service agencies, behavioral health organizations, federal, state, county and city government agencies, church boards, and aboriginal populations throughout the world.  It is our goal to serve anyone anywhere who wishes to take direct action regarding the challenge of managing stress in our modern society and removing the stigma of mental illness including suicide. These workshops are designed to provide the specific stress relief techniques for the participants being addressed and include language and exercises unique to that particular group.

There is a wealth of supporting data for the effectiveness of each of these programs.  The stress relief techniques taught in our workshops are backed by evidence based scientific studies and research papers.   Bibliographies and citations for much of this information can be accessed through the “References” link below.  

Please contact the Program Manager, John Staples, to sign up for a scheduled event and for more information regarding a training created specifically for your particular group.

References (PDF)


November 12 – War On Stress, Bryans Road, MD – LivingWorks safeTALK

August 1 – War On Stress, Bryans Road, MD – LivingWorks safeTALK

June 27 – Matrix-Reimpringing Workshop, Westchester County, NY – LivingWorks safeTALK

June 23 – Life Styles of Maryland, La Plata, MD – LivingWorks safeTALK

January – March – Charles County Maryland Sheriff’s Office – QPR Gatekeeper Training for Law Enforcement – Twenty-one 90 minutes sessions to reach all 425 sworn officers.